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What purre's doing

PURRE Works for your Interests in The Legal Arena

PURRE puts it on the record.

At public meetings, PURRE’s comments and white papers are put on the record. PURRE’s leaders and members speak out and fill meeting rooms, ensuring the decision-making agencies know there are educated citizens ready to take a stand for the restoration of our rivers and estuaries.

Legal briefs are prepared and submitted when necessary.

To urge the government and other agencies to do what is best for the restoration and protection of South Florida’s waterways, PURRE directs its lawyers to prepare briefs for submission during official public comment periods for rulemaking, reviews, and other opportunities for input.

Lawsuits: PURRE believes more can be accomplished without them, but works to ensure its readiness.

PURRE is not a group that looks to pick fights or file lawsuits. We believe in working together to solve the problems that affect everyone who lives, works, and plays in beautiful South Florida. PURRE remains vigilant while working with all stakeholders, constantly identifying and assessing how legal action can be avoided, and when and where legal action might be necessary as a last resort.

PURRE maintains its legal standing.

Should legal action be necessary in the future, PURRE continues to establish its legal standing at all times and in all cases.

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think about this...

"We must build a peace in South Florida - a peace between the people and their place, between the natural environment and man-made settlement, between the works of man and the life of mankind itself. "
~ Florida Gov. Reubin Askew ~